Who We Train

who-we-trainAVC has helped hundreds of people and groups to improve their speech and speaking voices. This includes experienced broadcasters, executives, as well as professionals who want to hone their speaking skill and improve promotibility.

Although all our clients learn the basic techniques of the AVC Speech Toolkit, we are able to hone our training to the specific needs of your profession.


attorneysA vocal demeanor that communicates authority, and if needed, a commanding courtroom presence, is a powerful tool for influencing others.  AVC’s advanced training helps attorneys choose words to influence the listener and learn how to catch emotional subtext in the words of other speakers.

Business Professionals 

business-professionalsExecutives, engineers, salespersons.  The authentic voice is the voice of leadership. If you are in a position of authority, it's important to know how to use your voice to be credible in your role.  It's also important to use your voice to develop rapport with those with whom you interact. Learning how to read the emotional state of your communication partners – speaking to their feelings as well as their mind - is invaluable to every leader’s ability to influence with integrity.

Public Officials: Government, Education Organizational Spokespersons

public-officialsThose who are called upon to speak publicly can learn how to optimize the effectiveness of their delivery. Transcend fear, increase vocal endurance, enhance intelligibility and listener retention, and become comfortable with a natural and engaging demeanor.

Entertainment: Broadcasters, Actors 

entertainment-professionalsMaster the skills that classically trained actors have always embraced. Maximize the expressive potential of your voice. Project clearly, create riveting characterizations, sound utterly natural, and protect your voice from the hazards of vocal abuse.

"Linda Brice worked with our professional talent at our organization. Both long-time professionals and new-to-the business voice talent learned the tools necessary to address groups large and small, through mic and on camera.  It's easy to take for granted the use of breath, yet once you understand and have been shown the tools needed to command your voice in almost all situations, there's no going back! Staff raved about Linda's classes, but it was hearing the difference that sold me. In such a short time Linda turned around what had seemed a stopping point. Through her leadership, good listening, and excellent coaching skills, she was able to raise the bar.  Thanks Linda!"

Broadcast Media Executive


esl-speakingIf English isn’t your native language, learn how to overcome accents and attain basic diction skills in English. Linda Brice has written several workbooks on ESL improvements techniques.

Any non-professionals simply wanting to feel more confident with their speech.

AVC’s Toolkit is at your service.