Our Mission

Our purpose is to empower speakers to achieve their worthy work in the world by helping them discover and utilize their Authentic Voice. Our clients learn to speak clearly, naturally, easily, expressively, influentially, and fearlessly.

Our unique and proprietary AVC Speech Toolkit – an easily learned set of experiential techniques – shows our clients how to speak in alignment with the body’s physiology and laws of physics operating over breathing and phonation. These techniques release the Authentic Voice, which is inherently beautiful, and already present within the speaker.

We fulfill our mission by observing our clients succeed in the professional and personal goals they have set for themselves, thus changing the world one speaker at a time.

“Linda Brice is a miracle worker. After bad vocal teaching left me with a weak, ineffective, and poorly pitched speaking voice, I had the good fortune to run into Linda. She told me she could liberate my voice in two hours. And she did! From the bottom of my range to the top, my voice was free again. It was amazing!

More than that, what I learned from her enabled me to access my full voice when I need it. Now I know how! As a wonderful bonus, I have the joy of having my singing voice back, too.

If you want to liberate your true voice, run, don’t walk, to Linda Brice and Authentic Voice Consultants.”

Jane Peterson, PhD
Executive Director
The Human Systems Institute, Inc.
Portland, Oregon