Our History

Linda Brice founded Authentic Voice Consultants, LLC in 2012, after 33 years teaching speakers and singers.

Linda established her first speech consulting practice, Amerispeak, in Southern California in 1985. Amerispeak focused on accent modification training for professionals who spoke English as a second language.

Beginning in 2000, Linda worked in the voice broadcasting industry, doing voiceover and training sales and customer service representatives. She developed an innovative training approach in which agents were taught how to listen to their client’s speaking voices for cues as to the client’s emotional state underlying their words. In turn, the agent’s were encouraged to utilize their speaking voices to communicate emotional empathy and understanding, thus allowing emotion to drive the sale and customer retention process.

In 2010, Linda founded Transformational Voice Training Institute, LLC, and later the Transformational Voice Institute (TVI), a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit, in Portland, Oregon. The mission of the Institute was to train voice teachers and speech consultants in a holistic system of speech and singing training. At TVI, speech training was integrated into the training of singers, and speakers from every walk of life (who didn’t sing) benefited from the Transformational Voice® system of Principles, Techniques and Methodologies.

In 2012, Linda established AVC to serve corporate clients and busy professionals in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. AVC occupies an unusual niche. While public speaking and presentation training is readily available, and speech therapy is available for those suffering from severe disabilities, AVC offers rare technical training that is generally only available in classical theatrical study.

Training in the arts of Rhetoric and Declamation goes back to the ancient schools of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages. Facility in these arts was the hallmark of the educated person. With time, and perhaps the casual nature of American culture, the importance of mastery of the art of speaking declined.

Still, speech remains the primary means by which we influence, are judged, and achieve success. We believe that AVC represents a renaissance of interest in these ancient arts that are so primary to our success and confidence.

We aspire to teach with patience and compassion, and to make learning fun, profound, and permanent. Our deepest desire is that our clients’ consider AVC’s training to be the single most important set of skills ever mastered.


About our Logo

We’d like to share with you the underlying meaning of our logo! The “a” within brackets is a symbol of the International Phonetic Alphabet (known as the “IPA”). The IPA was designed by linguists as a standardized, international system that represents all of the sounds within the languages of humanity. It is a fabulous tool that we utilize within the AVC Speech Toolkit to teach clear pronunciation, and especially accent modification. Its fun to see our entire company name written out in the symbols of the IPA:

[ɑ•’ɵɛn•tɪk vɔɪs kən•’sʌl•tənts]