Dislike the sound of your voice,
or feel that it does not represent the real you?

not liking voiceIf you aren’t comfortable with the sound of your own voice, it is difficult to interact confidently with others. AVC’s proven holistic system helps speakers to identify and heal the source of their vocal discomfort. You may not be “hearing” your own voice accurately, and projecting feelings of negative self-image onto a voice that is perfectly pleasing. Or your true, authentic voice may be trapped behind physical tension, which has negative effects on the sound of the voice. AVC teaches you to become aware of your inner dialogue as well as your physical state, and gives you reliable techniques to release your Authentic Voice. Whether you’re giving a speech onstage, or discussing ideas with colleagues, your Authentic Voice is a powerful tool.

Terrified of public speaking? Afraid to speak truth to power?

afraid of public speakingSpeaking triggers fear, and that fear is normal and human. Do you experience stage fright just at the thought of speaking to a group? Does the idea of confronting someone in authority leave you feeling terrified? AVC understands the root causes of these legitimate fears. We have the skills to train you in the art of public speaking—but more than that, we can help you to conquer fear itself.

Do you have trouble being understood?

Trouble Being Understood speakingDo people complain that you speak too softly, or frequently ask you to repeat yourself? Do you have an accent or regionalism that makes it more difficult for you to be understood? Do you hear “What did you say?” or “I didn’t understand you!” or “I can’t hear you!” Does your voice lack projection? AVC’s breathing and voice placement techniques will teach you to be heard even in a large room. Regardless of whether you are a native English speaker, our classic diction techniques will allow you to be easily understood, so that you can communicate with clarity and confidence.


Need the voice of an executive, to match your capabilities?

Portrait of a businesswomanDo others not see you as the leader you believe you really are? Are you always passed over for promotions and raises? Do your employees disrespect your role as their supervisor, pointedly not following your directions? Perhaps you are already a high-level manager or executive, but you need to cultivate a voice that properly communicates your role within your company.

executive meeting public speaking

Does your vocal demeanor not match your job title? Female managers and executives often report these experiences, but this experience is not limited to just women in the workplace. The tone of voice you use grabs attention (or not) within the first five seconds of your speaking. People make a decision about you, and then merely look for evidence to back up their conclusions. The skills needed to speak convincingly, engagingly, and influentially are taught by us, and readily learned. The ultimate result of this process is cultivation of the voice of leadership, which not coincidentally, is the name of one of our courses of study!

Does your voice get hoarse or tense?

sore throat during public speakingMany people may assume that a hoarse or tired voice after speaking is a normal condition to be expected. But unless you are ill or suffering from a chronic condition such as asthma, vocal fatigue is easily curable!

Many people don’t realize that losing one’s voice, experiencing lots of mucous in the throat after speaking, or feeling tightness, pain, or scratchiness during or after speaking are not normal conditions!

AVC’s techniques allow you to speak for long periods without experiencing a hoarse, tired, or scratchy voice.

Do you often feel ignored,
disempowered, and not seen as a leader?

ignored in public speakingDo you feel disregarded or disrespected by those whom you are supposed to lead? Are your ideas ignored or overlooked? Do you sometimes feel that you cannot influence others? Your vocal demeanor immediately determines how people will perceive you. AVC teaches you to speak with compelling authority, using your Authentic Voice.