Linda Brice, M.M.

Linda Brice

Linda is the owner and principal of Authentic Voice Consultants, LLC (AVC, LLC) and as such is the author and designer of the AVC Speech Toolkit. She is the Founder of Transformational Voice®, a holistic system of voice training, including Transformational Voice Training, LLC, and later the Transformational Voice Institute, a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit that was based in Portland, Oregon. Both organizations provided speech and singing training to anyone with a passion to learn. She currently operates her private voice teaching practice, which also provides an apprenticeship program in voice teaching, under the name of simply Transformational Voice®.

Linda has taught speech and singing for thirty-two years. In Fortune 500 companies, for broadcasters with NPR, and across professions, she has taught hundreds of speakers from every walk of life how to discover their Authentic Voice, and to use it fearlessly and effectively. Her clients promote, sell, assist, present, inform, announce, influence, preach, confer, convince, counsel, act, discuss, resolve, narrate, teach, train, negotiate, empathize, defend, prosecute, mediate, consult, manage, lead, and direct all over the world.

Linda is also a professional classical and crossover singer. She teaches singing across styles and genres, and also helps singers recover from injury or faulty technical habits. Some of her singing students sing at the world’s great opera houses and with its symphony orchestras, and others are professional jazz singers or singer-songwriters. The Transformational Voice Teaching Apprenticeship Program has graduated twenty-five teachers of singing and speech. Many of her students have gone on to become voice teachers in colleges, conservatories, or in private practice. She has also taught voice and diction in the music departments of Oregon State University, Oxnard Community College, Indiana University-Bloomington, IUPUI-Columbus, and summer intensives for young artists at UC Santa Barbara.

During the ’80s, Linda designed some of the first computer-assisted instruction in music theory while directing an artificial intelligence research project for IBM-Los Angeles Scientific Center. This 5-year project gave her numerous public speaking opportunities around the world on behalf of IBM.

Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance from the Indiana University School of Music (where she began her teaching career), pursued a Ph.D. in Systematic Musicology at UCLA, and holds certificates in Vocal Technique, French Language, and French Art Song Interpretation from the Academie Internationale d’été de Nice. She is currently writing a book about developing and maintaining a year-long practice in cultivating the Authentic Voice.


Meet the Team


Judi Julien, Psy.D.

Judi Julien

Associate, and Senior Faculty at Transformational Voice Institute, Judi has had a life journey that integrates a love of music and speech. She has a passion for teaching and a belief in the human capacity for growth, effective communication, and self-expression. She earned a BA in music from the University of Washington, with a voice major and a minor in education. Her postgraduate work includes a M.Ed. in counseling from Lewis and Clark College and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. She completed post-doctoral training in Neuropsychology and she practiced that specialty for many years.

Along with being a vocal musician most of her life, Judi has been trained in speech techniques and has taught these techniques in class settings as well as in one-to-one coaching sessions. She has lectured and taught in a variety of venues and continues to delight in teaching speech techniques and self-presentation skills. She also works with speakers who seek to work through anxiety about speaking in public or in a one-on-one interpersonal or interview situation.


Diana Bright

Diana Bright - Voice ConsultantDiana Bright has been working alongside Linda Brice since 2009 after graduating from the Transformational Voice Teacher Apprenticeship program. Diana works with professionals on a daily basis, helping them to accomplish their goals and expand their concept of what’s possible with voice through proper use of breath-based techniques.

Linda refers to Diana’s approach as ‘weaving the golden braid’ due to her lifelong quest to learn the various ways of achieving an authentic life. She has learned powerful lessons from her life experience. This striving and wealth of experience is what imbues her teaching and deep compassion for her students. “There is no single way to master something; the path is neither linear – nor is it ever hopeless.”

Concurrent with her study of voice, Diana is a student of InnerDialogue—a therapeutic non-verbal practice—and Spatial Dynamics, studying the movement of the space within and outside of our physical selves. She is also a lifetime student of Anthroposophy, a human-oriented philosophy that reflects upon spiritual questions and artistic needs. Diana continues her study of the voice for therapeutic and musical purposes. Her continual pursuit to align personal reflection and expression gives her unique insight into the unlocking of one’s authentic voice.