Class Offerings

Training Format, Length, and Expectations

We are able to train in a variety of formats. No matter which format you choose, you will learn the basic technical vocal production techniques in the AVC Speech Toolkit. We will customize the training for your needs, challenges, and professional goals.

  • Small group classes (no more than 6 per group) on-site at your company
  • Small group weekend workshops for individuals
  • One-on-one private coaching (your site or ours)
  • Skype-based training worldwide
  • Speech review classes monthly


All small group classes consist of 16 hours of instruction.

In the Portland area, we are able to offer the ideal format of holding class for two hours every week for eight weeks.

For companies outside of Portland, we offer immersion courses on-site on Fridays and Mondays (8 hours each day).

In the Portland area, we offer immersion courses over a weekend: 2 hours Friday evening, 8 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday. These weekend workshops are available for Portland-area professionals who do not have the opportunity to pursue this training through their company.

In addition, we offer monthly speech review classes at reduced cost. All trainees must understand that although the techniques are not difficult to learn, it takes the better part of a year for them to become a permanent habit. Review with us is an essential component of allowing your Authentic Voice to become yours for the rest of your life. We do everything possible to make this easy and affordable for you.

Courses Offered

We have three basic courses that we teach. All three of our courses cover the basic tools of the AVC Speech Toolkit. We will want to discuss with you which course is most appropriate and beneficial for your needs. We are also able to handcraft a specific course for your needs.

Speaking with Power and Authenticity

While covering all the basics in the AVC Speech Toolkit, this course emphasizes utilizing the voice for expressive purposes, developing confidence and overcoming fear of public speaking or speaking to truth, developing projection and endurance, and becoming comfortable with a more expanded and emotionally expressive vocal demeanor. This course is ideal for those who are primarily interested in public speaking, those who are uncomfortable with their voice for any reason, or creative vocal professionals such as actors and broadcasters.

Cultivating the Voice of Leadership

While covering all the basics in the AVC Speech Toolkit, this course emphasizes those skills that enable a speaker to communicate genuine authority and leadership. We train you in the skills of influencing with integrity, intuiting the emotional state of a communication partner (the feelings beneath the words), and of responding to the emotional needs of the communication partner in a way that allows the speaker to maintain both authority and goodwill. This course is most appropriate for executives, managers, lawyers, salespeople, or anyone who is tasked with communicating difficult or highly charged emotional information to others, or those who must maintain their composure and leadership within group scenarios.

Pronunciation of English as a Second Language

While covering all the basics in the AVC Speech Toolkit, this course helps those who speak English as a second language to pronounce English with an American accent. The course helps all professionals be clearly understood, regardless of the mother tongue of the speaker. Complete elimination of an accent takes much further study beyond the scope of this course, but is possible for those who are motivated to achieve an accent-free English pronunciation.

This course is ideally comprised of all speakers of one language, though mixing languages is still doable without compromising the learning of the students.

Linda Brice has authored a series of workbooks to assist learners of an American accent. Linda is happy to prepare additional workbooks for languages not listed here. These workbooks include:

• English Pronunciation for Speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese
• English Pronunciation for Speaks of Korean
• English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish and Portuguese
• English Pronunciation for Speakers of Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese
• English Pronunciation for Speakers of Hindi
• English Pronunciation for Speakers of Japanese

Speach Review

This 2-hour class is held monthly to review all of the basic techniques of the AVC Speech Toolkit. Attending will enable you to receive feedback and thus ensure that your newfound skills are put into long-term muscle memory and therefore yours for life!

Individual Coaching

We are always happy to meet with you one-on-one, either on-site at your company or at our facility. This is ideal for busy executives.