AVC Toolkit

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

What do we teach? What will you learn? Like a sculptor chipping away at a block of marble to reveal the sculpture that’s already embedded, the AVC Speech Toolkit enables us to work with you to release your Authentic Voice. The Authentic Voice is inherently beautiful, and is a perfect mirror of your true and authentic nature.

There are ten tools in the Speaker’s Toolkit. The first five form the Vocal Production Tools, and must be learned sequentially. The last five form the Vocal Expression Tools that are tailored for the client. The Vocal Expression Tools build upon the Vocal Production Tools to develop a new, healthier and more balanced relationship with fear.


1. Body Carriage (Posture, Body Awareness, Mind/Body Communication and Fear)

2. The Breath: Awareness, Management, Flow, and Integration with Speech

3. Resonance: Harnessing Breath to Engage and Release Your Authentic Voice

4. Pitch Range: Finding Your Average Pitch Level for Comfort and Resonance

5. Tone Color: Exploring the Variety Within Your Authentic Voice


6. Pacing and Expression: fast, slow delivery; time between phrases

7. Dynamics and Expression: soft, loud; use of sudden change to hold attention

8. Inflection and Expression: use of pitch in syllable and word stress

9. Pronunciation and Diction: clarity of articulation; accent modification

10. The Meditative State: Finding Silence Within to Manage Stage Fright